Stay true to your character and unafraid of a more confident and unique form of self-expression. Since day one everything we do embodies this spirit. Why? Because blending in is boring. Our mantra at Paddle Candy Pickleball--powered by Vulcan Pickleball--is to boldly color outside the lines.


What's Hot

  • Soft touch, large sweet spot, amazing quality. And the design is off the hook. - John from Charlottesville, VA.
  • “Being a racquetball player, I like to feel lighter so I can move my hands and my wrists a little bit quicker. That’s one of the things I choose this paddle for–control.” - Paddle Candy Pro Daniel De La Rosa
  • “I really like the graphics, it’s what I bought it for but the paddle itself is light, has a soft touch and a large sweet spot.” - Amazon Customer


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